Retain your Delphi Membername

Retaining you Delphi forums user name is only available to those who have previously posted at least one message on the LightNetwork Delphi forum.

Your password to enable you to login to the new LightNetwork will be emailed to you via your current Delphi member profile therefore, it is imperative that the email address associated with your Delphi profile be valid and active, your Delphi preferences options must allow 'member to member' email (see fig. 1). Please insure this is the case prior to continuing.

All we require in order to send you your new password is your Delphi username, if you are unsure what your username is, simply login to the Lightnetwork forum at Delphi and your username is displayed in the top left hand corner of the screen (see fig. 2).


Enter your user name below and an e-mail
containing your new password will be sent
to the registered address for that account.

Password Request